Mr. & Mrs. Black

Mr. and Mrs. Black celebrated their 10 year anniversary on June 17, 2006 — without their 5 beloved children.

Abandoned by the church, betrayed by family and persecuted by local government, they consider it a privilege to suffer for the sake of glorifying the Name of Christ their King.

Watch this brief account of their family’s crisis and expected end.

1 thought on “Mr. & Mrs. Black

  1. I am a long time subscriber to your youtube page but I have not looked on it in a while. I just recently say the videos on what happened to your 5 children. I have 5 children too. However, I am trying to read through all the information that is posted about what happened. IT seems like from what I read that you homeschool the children and I am guessing your family did not like the change in your life and due you and your family not attending 2 funerals and a family members wedding there have been some kind of family fiction. I pray that I am not out of line by posting this but it does seem like everyone has left you to face your test alone. I am not too sure if nyc and NJ homeschool laws is the same but I use to homeschool my girls and I had to fill out some paperwork. Also with vaccines I do know that you have to have a letter of exempt to not vaccinate your children due to religious believes not personal believes. IF you both would not mind calling me or emailin me what happened maybe there is a way to help. Also I am child of the most high God and there has to be a reason why I end up back on your youtube page.
    God bless and hold your head up


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