How You Can Help

Help us get our children back in our care.  Here’s how:

PRAY following the spiritual laws to do so effectively, specifically and fervently. God used this book to revolutionize our prayer lives at this critical hour.

BARTER our family services.

PURCHASE our favorite items from our family store.


DONATE to the Free the Kings campaign to support our children’s homeschool education our family through this time of crisis.

PAYPAL DONATIONS may be sent directly to using paypal.

SUBSCRIBE, follow, watch, like & comment on our blogs (it’s FREE):

With gratitude beyond words, we pray the blessing you place on us be returned 7000 fold!

His Arms,

Hemerd, Autumn, David Michael, Asa Jacob, Josiah Isaac, Jehoshaphat Isaiah & Puah

5 thoughts on “How You Can Help

  1. Mr Eagle Askari August 31, 2018 — 1:52 pm

    listen guys me and my wife is heart broken what these pigs doing but here’s the harsh reality starter you guys failed to understand how title IV-E courts works, secondly only 1 of you should be represented not both again under title IV-E (look it up) lawyers don’t have your best interests just money. Secondly husband lack of knowledge of the courtroom this is one of the reason why these family court judges aka magistrate look under fam ct act 151 what’s a family court judge Homework. You guys are chasing your own tail for more info contact me @ god bless


  2. If you want to get your message out in a BIG WAY. Contact Alex Jones Show and talk to them about your story. What is happening here is evil, it’s just evil that’s all it is. I will write a letter to President Trump, I will pray for you and I will donate to the fund. Please use my e-mail and keep me informed on what is happening. These people who kidnapped your kids, are evil people, there words mean NOTHING. I implore you to call Alex Jones, he knows all about this wickedness and there would be a good chance to get your word out through the airwaves to MILLIONS, this is the only way to expose this evil and that is through worldwide exposure.
    We all need to start fighting back now, because who’s next, WHO is NEXT.


    1. Thank you for your comment on our blog! We discovered quality people through this interview and are so honored to have had the opportunity to tell our story to people ready for action like you. We will definitely stay in touch and your comment will inspire others to heed to your really really wise suggestions. We also will follow suit and pitch the story to AJ. And you are so correct. The time is NOW!

      Thank you, dear friend!


      Mr. and Mrs. Black


  3. I am praying for you and your family. I happened to be watching some of Autumn’s YouTube videos & found the YouTube page. I am so very sorry for what is going on in you and your family’s life. I praying God’s protection over you, your husband and your four precious Kings & your newest addition, your Queen Puah. It is not right what has been done to you & family. I pray that I can be a blessing to you and your family. Let me know what’s needed the most to be able to get your precious family back. Love&blessings, Melika(Texas)


    1. Melika, we are so grateful for you supportive words. Thank you for your prayers. We know petitions for victory are what God desires. We will pray the same for your family in everything you all do, say, touch and are. Blessing to you.

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